Sunday, March 27, 2005

The problem of charging mobile phones...

Problem: Mobile phones need to be regularly charged and forgetting to do so overnight, might cause inconveniences which are best left to one's imagination.

Solution 1: Pre-charged units
These unit can be charged while one is away from home/hotel while another one (which was charged the previous night/day) can be carried along with the mobile. It would be a simple and small unit which is fitted into the mobile phone charging receptacle and would charge the unit while in use. No wires, no proximity to electrical sockets, no heavy units.
Pre-charged units can also be bought at stores. These would be disposable units, costing not too much (say the cost of a AA battery) and provide charge for a 12-16 hour usage.

Solution 2: Charge on signal (this is a hypothesis)
The signal to the mobile is partly used in charging the unit. Thus, the incoming signal is (condition to the strength of the signal being atleast 30% above a mark) split and a part of it is used in charging the unit. When the signal strength drops to or below the mark, the conversion stops and the signal is used primarily for communication.


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Public call boxes could offer a power-source for mobile phones. There would be small fee (perhaps the same as required to make a call).

I have no idea if this is practicable, but a small dynamo device could be invented that commuters can attach to the outside of a window on a train or car. The dynamo device would be a short tube containing a small turbine (terminology?) that powers the dynamo which in turn charges the phone.

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