Sunday, July 16, 2006

Three ideas

The problem with theme parks and fairgrounds

I always worry about the same thing at fairgrounds and theme parks: will my wallet/money/keys fall out of my pocket while I'm on the ride? The solution as a youngster was simple: 'dump everything with mum'. My other worry is that my glasses will fall off; if you remove them for the ride then the blurred vision makes the ride less enjoyable.

If I were a theme park boss I would manufacture cheap - flimsy even - bags that can be attached simply to a belt or belt loop. The idea is that the bag would contain all the 'pocketables'. The bag would also contain an elasticated cord that can be attached to the ends of a pair of glasses.

Of course, these problems are preventable with a little foresight, but how many realise the problem when it's too late?

A new type of athletics record?

I've been thinking about the wind resistance in Roger Bannister's four-minute mile. To a certain extent, an athletic performance is in the 'hands of the gods' - wind resistance is a factor, as is altitude. I would like to see a perfect environment created that is conducive to good athletic performance. This enviroment would consist of a chamber where there is no wind resistance (or assistance) and a constant supply of oxygen. An important factor in running races -- pace -- would be considered, with the environment providing constant feedback on the pace needed to break a record.

The new record would be known as a 'cell record' - with the perfect environment created taking place in a chamber known as a cell. These records would not compete with existing athletics records, but would exist to prove that human performance can be improved with perfect conditions.

A museum with simulations of extreme weather conditions and natural phenomena

I would like to see a museum created where visitors can experience simulations of extreme weather and natural phenomena. Visitors would be able to:

Experience the temperature of the Sahara
Experience increasing Richter magnitudes in an earthquake simulator
Experience the hardest rainfall recorded on earth
Lift weight-accurate models of the largest hailstones
(Briefly) enter an environent at the temperature of the poles
See the effect molten lava has on different objects
See models of giant icycles
Create artifical lightning

There could also be areas with simulations of extreme weather conditions recorded in each country.


Blogger Eroteme said...

Neat bunch of ideas, John. I think the weather museum can be extrapolated to provide all terrain training to the military (though frankly I am against them getting any training whatsoever).

Elastic cords with some cool marketing stuff on them would help boost sales.

2:31 AM  

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